Anyone moving in the greater Boston area needs to take a minute and read this moving scam. To date, the attorney general as well as a respected Boston news channel have been alerted and they are doing an investigation.  You may have noticed about 20-30 "Boston Moving Companies" pop up since the pandemic. They have hundreds, even thousands of 5-star reviews and excellent marketing. What would you say if I told you these were all re-brands of the same group of scammers that gave us Boston Quality and Xpress Movers. This time though, they have duped everyone. Eliran Derei and Stoil Andreev and their cronies recycle trucks, laborers and insurance. What's more - They started ELROMCO. A moving software platform that was highly marketed and sold to almost every small locally owned moving company. Elromco gave Eli direct access to all leads, conversations, prices, contact information and all details of every move. Suddenly, movers using elromco experienced random cancellations and drops of up to 75% of their business revenue. Eliran now owns Boston Best Rate Moving and is affiliated with the following:

Stark Moving, Esquire Moving, Lexel Moving, Michaels Movers, Flash Movers, Efficient Movers, Mozart Movers, Space Movers, Milvus Movers, AVIV movers, Paradise Movers, Poseidon Movers, Born to Move, Exela Movers, Horizon Movers, Paradise Movers, Xpress Movers, Antons Movers and the list goes on.

 Essentially they are all located in Waltham and Woburn at the same addresses. Some have fake addresses in Boston, Quincy and similar towns. So, what's the big deal - companies that find a way to market better succeed. They put tons of smaller companies out of business. Rob from Boston 25's question " If they are doing a good job, what's the issue." Point well taken. On the outside it looks like all of these companies are thriving and literally swimming in 5 star google reviews. Well a closer look will show you these reviews are quite literally fake. Most not making sense at all. An even deeper dive reveals every company has a release which quite literally states a person will be sued if they write a negative review. Brian from Newton shows us a cease and desist from their attorney after placing a bad review. 

Something for residents of Boston need to understand. All of the owners of these companies do not live here. They are simply names to put on the Massachusetts Corporation forms. The owners are always gone or on vacation. Their addresses are fake and every single location on their websites is an abandoned building or a condemned unit with a laminated sign on the door. So, what happens when too many claims pile up and the reviews pile up? They simply close down shop and open under a new name somewhere else.  The employees that work there are paid cash, under the table and work for multiple companies.

As our investigation goes on, we see that Eli and his cronies have been starting this in other local markets. As more small movers use his software they will have all of their marketing and business at risk. A call with the owner of College Dudes Move U in Charlotte states he has had similar problems after using MoveBoost ( another company with the same group) and has had moves cancel and has lost almost half of his business.

If you are looking for moving companies in Boston that have been around for over 20 years and have a stellar reputation - try Monster Movers or Gentle Giant. They have been supporting their community for years.

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