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Boston moving costs can range based on quality, location of the moving company and overall professionalism. Boston moving companies set their prices based on the number of workers and the amount of time needed for the job. Rates are based on tariffs that companies must file with the state, and companies must apply these tariff rates to calculate the cost of every job. Movers in Boston can charge customers only for the actual number of workers and number of hours it takes to complete the job. If your move takes eight hours, the company cannot charge you for 10 hours, even if it initially gave a written estimate of 10 hours. Receiving a moving estimate in Boston is a great start.  At our friends at Movers Near Me - you can fill out an online inventory, upload pictures or schedule a FaceTime estimate.  Your Boston movers should always give you a flat rate, guaranteed not to exceed, binding moving cost. 

Movers In Boston

At Monster Movers, we often get emails along the lines of, “Hi, I’m moving from an apartment in Quincy to another in Boston. What are my Boston moving costs?”

Our estimators most definitely need more information to provide an accurate quote. The next questions from your Boston movers should be:

1. What is your moving date

2. How many rooms are being moved?

3. Are their stairs/elevator/etc? 

With these simple questions, ww can give a general sense of what kind of budget you should plan when looking for Boston moving costs.

Average moving rates in Boston will depend on the following factors:

1. Time of the month you are moving

2. Time fo the year you are moving

3. Special services needed - packing, piano moving, etc

4. Distance you are moving to/from in Massachusetts

5. Volume items being moved

6. Access within your unit ( stairs/elevator/tight corners)

7. How "ready" you are

8. Materials needed for protection

That being factored in the Average Moving Costs for a move in Boston are:

2 men and a truck Boston $130-$170/hr

3 men and a truck Boston $150-$190/hr

4 men and 2 trucks in Boston $230-$275/hr

** Many movers in Boston will claim to be from the actual downtown area but be aware where they are actually coming from as travel time is a huge consideration when figuring Boston moving costs.  For example, if a mover is coming from Waltham you could end up paying an additional hour of travel time which as you can see from above will cost you over $130. Opt for movers in Boston that have a flat rate travel time like Monster Movers or Movers Near Me who include a flat rate hour travel time no matter where you are moving to/from not only in Boston but all of Massachusetts.

Boston Movers Costs

Let’s you’re moving from a two-bedroom apartment in Boston to another in the same town. You’re flexible so you can move on a weekday in the middle of the month. A two-bedroom apartment will usually require a 24- or 26-foot truck and three movers, which would generally cost between $120 and $200 per hour between October and March. Of course, from April through September, the cost would be a little higher — from around $150 per hour up to $250 per hour.With a larger, say, 5-bedroom house, you might be looking at five or six movers and multiple trucks. That would put the off-season rate between $220 and $280 per hour. Again, the summer and on weekends would have higher rates.

These aren’t firm numbers, and your moving rate will depend on the details of your particular situation. But they should give you a basic idea of what most local Boston movers will charge.

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