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Boston Movers With Short Term Storage

 Many Boston residents need to find short term storage while renovating a house, building a new home, summer storage while at University or an extended stay somewhere else while waiting on a home to close.  Short term storage is typically defined as  anything less than three months . It acts as a stop-gap or temporary measure that allows you a bit more space when you need it. Many people choose short term storage units as it offers a simple and affordable solution to keep things safe and dry for a short amount of time. Which Movers In Boston Have Short Term Storage? 1. Mastodon Moving : Mastodon Moving offers every type of storage imaginable. From on-site pod storage to on-truck storage and even short term storage at their 30,000 sq ft climate controlled warehouse, Mastodon Movers can help with any Boston storage needs. 2. Gentle Giant: Gentle Giant has a large warehouse in Wilmington that has short term storage available. 3. Olympia Moving: Olympia is located in the city and also of

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