What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of living in Boston, Massachusetts? Fenway Park, The Public Gardens, Pizzeria Regina? Many of us think back to our University days cruising Newbury and the Seaport. 

Whatever comes to mind, we are here to tell you that living in Boston can be a blessing and a curse. Although Boston reigns in walkability in a safe beautiful city seeped in history - your wallet may not thank you living in this upscale metropolis. Perhaps you are a parent wondering if sending their child across the county ( or across the globe) is feasible. Regardless, if you or anyone you know is considering a move to Boston - you need to read, re-read then read this again! It's our comprehensive list of moving to and living in Boston and what you need to know before moving to Bean Town.


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Living in Boston is now the second highest rental market in the United States. Rents took a sharp incline following the pandemic.  You'll need to find a well-paying job or start some side hustles if you plan on staying Boston. Even the suburbs of Dorchester, Quincy and Waltham that used to be discount areas have gotten out of control. Expect to pay about $2100/month for a studio downtown. With roommates, you'll be able to find those rates at about $1300/person if you are splitting a 2 or 3 bedroom.


Considering the Boston Tea Party was to control taxes, Boston has so many taxes, fees, charges and it is out of control. Property tax is one of the highest which makes sense considering how much landlords are making in rent. Excise tax on vehicles, high registration fees, very high state taxes make this state really hard to live in if you are not a student.


Quite frankly, Boston weather is one of the worst in the nation. Unpredictable, windy and cold. What's more, skiing is very far away if you do get lucky and get a snowy winter. In the summer, its unbearable hot and humid. 


This is where Boston wins. The student population is almost 20% of Boston at a given time which means surrounding yourself with intelligent, high quality people is very easy to do. Many students are from other countries too which makes Boston pretty diverse at least for 9 months of the year.


Sports is life in Boston. The venues and teams are the most iconic of any American city. It's best if you brush up on your stats as many people here can recall specific games in Boston sports history. 


Some of the most significant industries in Boston include health care, finance, and higher education and finance. Who knew! Mutual funds got their start in Boston during the 1800s, making investing another part of the city's rich history. Fidelity Investments, State Street, and Putnam Investments hire many interns from universities in the area like Northeastern.


I cannot say it any more simpler than "do not take a car to Boston." In most cases, you can walk just as long it would take you to drive, find parking and walk to your destination. Boston driving is not for the faint at heart and parking is scarce and expensive. You’ll end up paying a premium to keep a car in the city. Public transportation in Boston is going through a major overhaul and is not as efficient as it was. However, it is much cheaper hoping on a Blue Bike or Uber overall.


Although Boston started experiencing a negative flow of residents after the pandemic, they are slowly moving to Boston from metro areas of Worcester, MA, Providence, RI, Washington DC and NYC.

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Boston is home to popular annual events that draw visitors from around the world. The Boston Marathon is among the most popular, it used to take place on Patriot's Day. However, there are talks about it moving to the late fall.

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