Boston Movers With Short Term Storage

 Many Boston residents need to find short term storage while renovating a house, building a new home, summer storage while at University or an extended stay somewhere else while waiting on a home to close. Short term storage is typically defined as anything less than three months. It acts as a stop-gap or temporary measure that allows you a bit more space when you need it. Many people choose short term storage units as it offers a simple and affordable solution to keep things safe and dry for a short amount of time.

boston short term storage

Which Movers In Boston Have Short Term Storage?

1. Mastodon Moving: Mastodon Moving offers every type of storage imaginable. From on-site pod storage to on-truck storage and even short term storage at their 30,000 sq ft climate controlled warehouse, Mastodon Movers can help with any Boston storage needs.

2. Gentle Giant: Gentle Giant has a large warehouse in Wilmington that has short term storage available.

3. Olympia Moving: Olympia is located in the city and also offers short term storage.

Tips For Renting Short Term Storage

1. Always do a drive-by or a google maps lookup. Many movers have false locations. Make sure you have an address of exactly where the items will be stored. 

2. Make sure you do an owner lookup on the Massachusetts Business Entity search. Check to make sure the owner is actually a resident of Massachusetts that you can contact and meet easily in case your items are damaged/lost.

3. Inquire with your movers to confirm you can keep your items in storage longer than short term if needed. 

Reasons You May Need Short Term Storage

1. Home renovations 

2. Waiting for a home to close

3. Summer storage while at university

4. Storage due to a fire or water loss. This type of storage is typically known as a packout.

Learn more about temporary storage in Boston.

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