Hiring a Boston MA Mover

Hiring a Boston MA Mover

Here is a great article about hiring a moving company in general.  Read this first then I can go into specifics about hiring movers in Boston MA.  

Why is hiring a mover in Boston MA any different from other cities:

Let's face it driving in the city of Boston is INSANE for trucks.  Boston is notoriously a short city and the bridges follow suit.  There isn't a week that goes by that some moving company got stuck on Storrow Drive.  Here's a mover stuck at the Longfellow Bridge in Boston.  If you hire a moving company that doesn't regularly do moves in Boston or if you have a mover that is untrained or hasn't driven in Boston, you may be bumming.  Many truck drivers understand that some bridges are short but Storrow Drive is one of those roads that drivers think they will save a little time on by taking instead of staying on the highway to bypass downtown Boston.  The result is not pretty.  Monster Movers™ knows the ins and outs of all Boston streets, low bridges, where to park, where you need a permit, which buildings have "quiet hours, etc.  We have been doing this for over a decade in Boston and can handle all city of Boston moves.

Boston is unlike other cities in that the city is not spread out.  It is a tightly contained community...and why do you need to realize this before hiring a mover in Boston.  Simple.  Boston Movers are notorious for overcharging on "travel time" and adding additional fees like "fuel surcharge," "tolls,""mileage charge."  In other sprawling cities like Orlando or Tampa you may find yourself paying 1.25 hours of travel time each way.  In Boston, you can pretty much get everywhere in the city in 45 minutes or less.  I would cap travel time at 1.5 hours total for any move in or out of Boston, if your mover tells you different, I would suspect they are not being honest.  Monster Movers™ has truck tracking by gps system Fleetmatics to ensure correct billing.

Boston has parking permits in most downtown areas. YEAH! This comes as a surprise to most people who have never moved in or out of Boston.  Sometimes we will get a call for a last minute move or same day move in Boston.  Unfortunately, if you are calling from downtown, you will need a company with a Boston parking permit.  Some companies go to city hall for you but lots of fly by night Boston movers don't even know you need a permit.

Monster Movers™ is Boston's Best Moving Company and is the right Boston Moving Company to hire.


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